In Defence of Life


Essays on a Radical Reworking of Green Wisdom Written from the heart, this book has the power to lift the reader into another dimension. A clarion call for a new dynamic.

Julian Rose presents a penetrating series of essays calling for urgent action to overcome the perilous state of our planet, at the local as well as global level. He both guides and challenges his readers to share with him a journey through the matrix-maze, and to come out at the other end a more aware and more self-assured human being.

Drawing upon his life experiences as a farmer, campaigner, artist and social entrepreneur, Julian brings to our consciousness a way to break through the destructive patterns of our consumer-obsessed society and discover a simpler and more fulfilling way forward.
Using essays exploring a wide range of pressing planetary concerns, he calls upon his readers to utilise the largely untapped power of their deeper instincts in coming to the aid of a severely depleted global environment and in striving for the amelioration of mankind’s perilous human condition.

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You’re an important and authentic talent that needs to stay active. This, along with your other work, is vital to humanity’s victory — which I believe has already been achieved in our unseen timeline. But it’s only been achieved because important people like you are playing their necessary role. Keep up the great work! ~ Eric Blair, Founder/Editor Activist Post

Just a word to say thanks for your magnificent contribution to IT last week. It has had many page views and boosted the stats greatly. Hope you will be a regular contributor whenever you can kindly allow us to publish your writings (comment about a recent contribution from Julian) ~ Claire Palmer, International Times IT

Sir Julian Rose, organic farming pioneer in the UK and international food activist, may be our greatest cheerleader for both speaking and acting from within truth inside the global miasma of thick, drug-and-distraction addled, mind-controlled, intransigent denial and oppression. ~ Dylan Charles, Editor: Waking Times
It was a very interesting experience, often exhilarating, and I am very impressed and moved by the plea you make for a change in consciousness. ~ Aidan Rankin, author


By R. Teichmann

Julian’s latest book is a timely and up-to-date contribution to our joint efforts to find ways out of the serious state our society and planet are in. Being a pioneer organic farmer he comes from a “green” background. Responding to developments in society as a whole his book is exactly what the subtitle says – a radical reworking of green wisdom. He transcends the “green” viewpoint and offers a much more encompassing understanding – a holistic understanding of agriculture, economics, politics, activism, spirituality and nature. read more

5.0 out of 5 stars An Impassioned Call to Radical and Spiritual Activism 4 Dec 2013
By Philip Carr-gomm

Julian Rose has an unusual combination of skills and interests: he is a trained actor, an organic farmer, someone acutely aware of the environmental crisis we face, a political activist, and someone with spiritual awareness. Throw all these together and you have a powerful combination. His book `In Defence of Life: Essays on a Radical Reworking of Green Wisdom’ draws on all these strands of interest to offer ideas for how we can address the mess we find ourselves in.
Rose argues for combining our spiritual awareness of the Oneness and sacredness of life with the `fire in our bellies’ that refuses to knuckle under the behemoths of governments or corporations and instead becomes openly rebellious – challenging the status quo, refusing to conform. The book starts with an essay drawing parallels between acting and political awareness. He suggests we have grown too used to being passive members of the audience, admiring the `stars’ on the stage which is elevated and separate from us. He urges us to engage in the `experimental theatre’ of political activism, in which the audience joins the actors on the stage. Passivity of the masses is the product of consumerist culture and his essays are trying to wake us out of the `consensus trance’ of accepting the status quo, to stand up and say `Enough!’
We need this kind of message, and though Rose sometimes seems to be haranguing us too much, better by far to err on the side of passion, and when we consider the gravity of the threats to life on Earth a little ranting can surely be forgiven. His solutions to the mess are eminently sensible: his idea of `the proximity principle’ whereby each town becomes self-sufficient may seem unachievable, and yet this is precisely the goal that Transition Towns are working towards, and because a solution seems impossible to achieve should not make us shy away from trying it – when not trying it is leading us so clearly to ruin. His information on factory farming, processed foods, the madness of excessive food miles and GM may all be familiar to anyone with a green awareness, but Rose writes about it with inside knowledge – he was instrumental in fighting off legislation to ban raw milk, for example, and has an intimate knowledge of the machinations of the agro-industrial complex. Having read his account of the effects of EU agricultural policy I have done a U-turn in my thinking – I’m not at all sure now that the EU is a force for good.
Above all `In Defence of Life’ gets us thinking and encourages us to get radical – to actively engage in the defence of the Earth and all life, to wipe the sleep from our eyes and to creatively engage with the challenges that face us.

…Mr. Rose speaks from his decades of experience as an activist and organic farmer in this insightful, integrative book. The book is a series of articles focused at informing people of the mechanisms of domination of the globalized corporate agricultural machine, and how various peoples’ choices and movements can shift us onto a sustainable path. … read more

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