Spinning the Web of Life

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Spiders do it. Take a look – oh what an amazing creation! Working their way out from the first circle; filling-in every loop of the circuit; spinning on the outward pull; determined, full of intention, guided by Divine. So my friends, why can’t we?

Look at that final creation on the garden gate on a misty October morning – wow – what a stunner! Stay looking and what do you see? A little universe spun into being, oh so delicate, so strong, so inspired.
So my friends, why can’t we?

Its gossamer threads trembling in anticipation, its architecture resonant with spontaneous beauty, oh so glorious – so my friends, why aren’t we?

Why does our overblown neocortex seem to invent so many obstacles to our own creative redemption? The spider does it all by instinct. Imagine, all that weaving and masterful invention – and just to catch its breakfast!

Now listen. To get that kind of absolute, resolute commitment towards catching our breakfast, we need to do a bit of serious dropping-off of the capitalism, communism, conservatism, liberalism, socialism, materialism and consumerism. Drop the work-a-holicism, the competitive-ism, the monetarism, the academic-ism, the militarism, the rationalism, the unionism, the globalism – and every damn’ ism’ in the dictionary and not in the dictionary!

Yes, drop it all. Away it goes floating off down stream never to be seen again. Goodbye to all that.

Wow – what a weight off our minds and shoulders! What a huge sense of relief; oh what joy to be so lightened enlightened and no longer frightened – of anything! Freed to roam, wonder, touch, explore the lure,
embrace the cure – and so much more – for sure!

And what now?

Everything is there in front of you just waiting to be spun into the web of life. Start spinning my friends – spin away. All that old baggage has just fallen. Gone. Grab your beating heart; move with intent; spin the life you know you must lead.

Don’t be fooled by the jittery ‘what iff’s’; they’ve all fallen-away over a thousand cliffs. The heaving seas have drowned their voice – and you know you know you have no choice – but truth.

Here is our spider, his feeler like leg just touching his twine, alert, fully concentrated, awaiting that little jolt on the line – breakfast! That is his/her singular ambition. And ours? What is our singular ambition?

To be. To become. Our breakfast is our awakening. Our concentrated intent is to hone our creative journey of divine exigence according to the juices of creative passion with which we are each endowed.

Nothing else matters.

For that which is born-out through the full expression of our latent creative power is the greatest single force of change. All vicissitudes, doubts, fears, repressions, denials and defeatisms – are swept clean off the map.

The map itself is metamorphosing in front of our eyes; it is becoming that which it depicts and we are left standing there. Standing here. Standing now. There is no map of where we are going any more.
Just our divine motivation – and with that as our fuel – creation is our canvas. Life is our stage. Love our power and joy.

Caught in the stream of that pulsating beacon of light, the war machine’s insidious sick and satanic advance is deflated defeated and ditched into the pit from whence it came.

We who are learning to spin the web of life are the only true peacemakers. We who are stripping ourselves of all superficial societal expectations and insufferably suffocating habits, are the true torch bearers. Firing forever the dark stagnant stupidities of a shipwrecked status quo.

We few, we happy few, we band of brothers and sisters, go forward now, lead this world out beyond the devouring grave that has been so cynically readied for it.

Beyond the blinkered analytical impoverishment of the pseudo scientist, the brain dead banker, the plastic politician. Their landscape has gone now. All that remains is the dull metallic clanging of their emaciated mental hubris. Only left are the twitching tendons of the death cult that is their putrid passport.

It’s our turn. Look! The angels are coming through – and we are they!
We are redressing the tapestry of life. We are returning to Life its effervescent meaning. We are redeeming the pride of our soul-sickened planet. That is the world we are now creating my friends!

We are spinning the threads of divine inspiration. We are spinning the web of life!

Julian is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, writer and international activist. His acclaimed book ‘In Defence of Life’
is available in independent book stores, amazon.com and from Julian’s website www.julianrose.info