I am outraged – a Christmas Poem  

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Here is another poignant guest blog from Rudi Teichmann editor of http://news-beacon-ireland.info

I am outraged

Because every second children die of hunger by design
Because every second old people die lonely
Because brother fights against brother
Because children are made sick by force
Because we are deprived of blue skies
Because lies become truths
Because living beings have become commodities

I am saddened

That those supposed to protect oppress instead
That violence is peddled as a solution
That young men still take up arms
That trust is exploited for domination
That people think they are what they possess
That inner voices go unnoticed
That there is despair

I am humbled

By the courage of those who speak out and are now imprisoned
By those who resist injustice and are persecuted
By those who try to find solutions
By those who build bridges
By those who share without being asked
By those who give shelter and comfort
By those who respond to their inner call

I am with you

People of all countries torn apart by war
People displaced and oppressed
People exploited
People denied
People betrayed
People enslaved
People unheard

I am encouraged

By you who resist fracking and GMOs
By you who refuse to take up arms
By you fearless writers, artists and poets
By you indigenous people everywhere
By you who free animals from cages
By you who care for your sick parent or child
By you heroes who stand up for life and freedom


written Christmas 2013