US Invasion of Poland?

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Three Good Reasons to Say “Enough!”

The days of the Polish love affair with America may soon be coming to an end. The hegemonic ambitions of US geopolitics are causing Washington to actively seek new avenues to exploit, both militarily and through corporate buy-outs of national assets in Eastern Europe. In Poland’s case, a high percentage of those national assets have already been sold off to pay debts incurred by reliance on huge loans packaged by the International Monetary Fund.

The latest US’s gifts to Poland do not come in pretty parcels, nor are they likely to be as innocuous as the worn out F1 11 fighter planes sold to the Polish air force a few years ago. Poles, already softened-up by the Coca Cola company, Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonalds – three corporate giants offering poison dressed up as something edible – are now being counted on not to offer any serious resistance to the next phase of attack. However, resistance is exactly what is needed. To find out why.. read on.

If corporate America gets its way and the Polish government gets its rewards – Poland will host, firstly: genetically modified food crops that permanently contaminate the natural food chain and turn once biodiverse fields into sterile monocultures. Secondly: corporate shale gas extraction (called ‘Fraking’) which pumps highly toxic chemicals into underground rock strata (shale) at high pressure thereby creating fissures which release natural gas. Then there’s the small matter of permanent US missile silos and army bases to be established in as yet undisclosed sites in the Polish countryside.


The Warsaw Voice of March 7 2011 had this to say:

“As was announced by our two presidents in December, we plan to establish a new permanent U.S. Air detachment in Poland, build missile defences in Poland, and as agreed at the NATO summit, develop a contingency plan for the region, Clinton told journalists at a joint briefing with Minister Sikorski ahead of their talks. Russia has been long opposed to the project, saying it could destroy the strategic balance of forces in Europe.”

The U.S. has bombed 21 Countries since World War II and has killed or displaced millions of innocent citizens in the process. The U.S. military/administration is perhaps the planet’s most infamous modern day ‘war criminal’ with an ever lengthening list of crimes against humanity to its name. England marches just a few steps behind.


To understand the environmental implications of ‘Fraking’ please see film GASLAND

It appears that Prime Minister Tusk has already opened up the Polish countryside to US corporate exploitation via a deal that will allow leading US petroleum companies into the Country to drill for natural gas in the substantial fields that lie under much of the Polish countryside. Warnings are already being voiced that this will place severe strain on national water reserves and road infrastructures due to the vast volumes of water that are required to be transported to and from the drilling sites.

The water that is extracted as part of this process, is polluted with the chemicals that have been used to force open the shale rock and millions of litres of such water has to be dumped somewhere..

In the US, where Fraking is already prolific, the chemicals used in this process are now threatening underground drinking water reserves across millions of hectares of land and thousands of communities. Hundreds of households have been horrified to find gas coming out of their kitchen taps along with poisoned drinking water. The film (above) shows that when a match is put to this supply it catches fire instantly.

Fraking has all the hallmarks of yet another ruthless exploitation of nature for highly questionable goals. But its not too late to stop this as the French have already successfully done. Please urgently add your support to ‘Stop Fraking’ by writing to the Minister of the Environment and demanding a stop to this highly destructive process.


Genetically Modified Organisms are seen by the current US administration as an essential component of its global export earnings. To this end US corporations like Monsanto plc are State supported so as to extend their GM plant and animal breeding programmes into all areas of the world. Poland is now on the receiving end of this drive to modify and patent the global seed and animal breeding chain and to thereby consign nature’s designs to history.

In spite of the fact that we now know that GM animal feed causes infertility in rodents and that the Roundup Ready herbicides that are an indispensable part of the GM package cause placental damage in pregnant mothers – the Polish government consistently refuses to ban GM seeds and animal feeds.

Government ministers prefer to avert their eyes – even when genetically modified maize pollen has cross contaminated large areas of organic maize in Spain when the distance between these two crops was far beyond the supposed ‘safe levels’. Nine European Countries – including France and Germany – have already banned GM crops. They have found the evidence against them irrefutable.

Given that these facts are well known and well documented, the Polish government’s refusal to ban GMO is beginning to look like criminal negligence.

President Obama flies into Poland on May 27. No doubt his mission will include firming up the Polish government’s support for troops, missiles, wars, GMOs, Fraking and other such unwelcome objectives.

So don’t dream about any favours coming from the United States. You may find out that the dream isn’t a dream at all, but a cleverly packaged nightmare. It will be too late by then.


Just say “Enough!” And say it now.

Julian Rose (May 2011)