Heavy Hearts, Heavy Metal and Eagles of Death

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The Paris Deception

France has, on the back of the horrific slaughter of innocents in Paris on Friday 13th November, emerged as the new flag carrier for ‘the war on terror’, eclipsing both the USA and the UK – whose ‘special relationship’ is a partnership founded on the pursuit of war.

France’s president Hollande has performed the mirror like sequel of George Bush’s post 9/11 declaration of a ‘war on terror’. A war directed at the supposed perpetrators of the twin towers attack of 2001. Bush followed-up with his phony counterfeit proclamation on the need to ‘defend national security’ by invading the ‘evil empires’ of Iraq and Afghanistan, in full knowledge of the fact that the destruction of the World Trade Organisation was a carefully planned inside job.

Hollande has simply repeated the exercise, but with a fresh agenda. He instantly proclaimed ‘a state of war’ (in France) as well as a three month state of emergency lock-down across the nation ‘in defence of national security’. Actions that were quickly followed by the dispatching of France’s sole aircraft carrier to join other countries engaged in the mock pulverisation of Syria’s CIA/NATO backed ‘Islamic terrorists’, ISIL. But ISIL (ex ISIS) is in fact a decoy. A propaganda fuelled scapegoat enemy, armed and supported by the West to achieve the ruination of Syria and removal of President Assad.

It’s alarmingly clear that the carefully themed and engineered ‘false flag’ operation that stands behind the Paris attacks, repeats, almost verbatim, the rules of the game set in motion before and after 9/11- and all the other (staged) ‘terrorist’ events of the past decade.

However, none of this takes away from the fact that each time such events are enacted, hundreds of innocent lives are taken-out, and in a way that leaves no time and no chance for the victims to prepare for death. Thus, like in all such acts of murder, it means that fear is the primary emotion occupying the minds and bodies of those massacred. This, in turn, is likely to have repercussions for the spontaneous onward journey of the spirit. Such things are known to the secretive societies that mastermind such operations.

War is, in its sheer brutality and futility, a dark-side invention; one of whose key purposes is to provide fear-fuel for dark-side oppressors. The fear given off during war-states and deadly massacres can be harvested and reinvested into the perpetuation of dark-side ambition, ad infinitum.

Those who perpetrate acts of war are always seeking to gain hegemonic, financial and pseudo-spiritual powers. War is the means by which they can gain all three at once.

So we need to take heed, that those so horrifically mown down at the Bataclan Theatre in Paris on Friday 13th November, were attending a rock concert given by ‘Eagles of Death Metal’, a touring rock band from California. They were performing a number entitled ‘Kiss the Devil’.

These sort of closely aligned synchronistic events are not arbitrary. They don’t happen by chance. They are coordinated through the intelligence that masterminds dark-energy ambition and then vampires the resulting horror to reinforce its ability to remain active. To remain active on a planet which does not provide it with ideal habitation conditions, due to high levels of cosmic energy that are refreshing planetary organs and raising the bar of human awareness.

The higher vibrational energies currently manifesting on our planet push the dark intelligence to contrive ever greater blood-fests in order to try to counteract the rising powers of light vibration.
We are in the vortex of this perverse energy exchange right now.

Yet too many young people are not getting the message, that by expressing adoration for rock bands already (if only by name) associated with black forces, they are opening themselves to the destructive side of the equation. To powers over which they have little or no control. This is the basis of both the timing and execution of the Bataclan horror. Using the names ‘Eagles of Death’ and ‘Kiss the Devil’ is tantamount to presenting an open invitation for satanic intervention.

In London, yoga exponents are involved in a growing cult of performing their asanas to heavy metal music in sessions led by people with names borrowed directly from satanic literature. A stark perpetuation of pop-stardom’s fully observable take-over by blatantly Masonic/Satanic influences.

When operating within the vortex of heavy adrenalin boosting stimulants (even without accompanying drugs) participants are giving themselves over to forces which have the affect of making them feel ’empowered’. This only works when everyday life is largely devoid of genuine elements of empowerment, creativity and joy; when such enervating forces have been so subsumed and repressed that only a sterile and denatured environment remains – which then becomes ‘the new normal’.

We can see how the master plan for total control over humanity is constructed around the widespread manifestation of this ‘new normal’.

It is composed of many levels, each of which sets about de-energising the natural life force. E.G. Our food, water, air, virility, cognitive abilities and so forth. And then offers in its place that which gives the illusion of being ‘real’, ‘exciting’ and with the added attraction of also appearing to be ‘rebellious’. A virtual reality world full of phoney skin-deep attractions, superimposed on a civilisation whose (worth preserving) values and morals are simultaneously systematically undermined; until all that is left is the Orwellian dystopia overseen by the ‘big brother’ despots of full spectrum dominance.

In facing the storm of extreme dissidence rising up out of the clash of powerful opposing forces manifesting on our planet at this time, we are either driven deeper into a state of fear and depression
or driven deeper into the power of our true selves; the only route that leads to sanity and away from slavery.

The greater the villainy of dark-side deception, the closer we are driven to confronting our true flame of being. It’s paradoxical but true. It might have been different had this World not been subjected to interventions deliberately designed to knock humanity off course, may thousands of years ago.

But our course of evolution from nomadic gatherers in a (relative) Garden of Eden to possessive hunters in a concrete jungle, is not a natural evolutionary path by any stretch of the imagination.

However, deception and manipulation are there to be overcome. If one can see that one is being induced to become a slave, one can resist and become free. But if one cannot see, one cannot resist and cannot gain one’s freedom. We have this ‘to be or not to be’ choice – and it’s not to be taken lightly. It is a matter of life and death for all of us.

Onward dear friends; the power of love and truth is greater by far than the cult of death and deception. So pass the torch on to those younger and less aware than yourselves, that they may gain the critical powers of discernment without which slavery remains their only option.

Julian is a farmer/activist and the author of ‘In Defence of Life’ a persuasive guide on how to take control of our destinies and stand in defiance of the life crippling policies of the powers that be. You can purchase his book at www.julianrose.info