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Satanic Practice and Party Politics in the United Kingdom

As much as I am revolted by this subject, I feel impelled to tackle it head-on, as I believe it to be the single most important issue of our time, underlying the current malaise permeating almost every aspect of British party politics and deeply afflicting life on this planet as a whole.

Now that’s an extreme statement, but by the time you read to the end of this article, I believe you will not be able to refute the substance of my assertion.

The fact that the United Kingdom is in the throws of a general election, should serve to focus minds. It had better, because to ignore the plight of the nation at this critical moment, is the surest way to capitulate to outright slavery.

Whereas to examine, analyze, explore and expose the undercurrent of deeply deceitful lies being perpetrated upon the electorate, is to play a key role in helping to liberate, not just UK citizens, but mankind as a whole, from the forces of slavery. Yes, this is a global phenomenon and must be understood as such.

By way of ending this introduction, I feel bound to state that the great majority of evidence suggests that, within UK politics, the Satanic factor is most prevalent within Conservative party high command. Underlined by its squandering of the democratic process in favor of dictatorship by a largely bloodless and deeply corrupted pseudo-elite.

Fear Is the Key

At the top of the list of all Satanic procedures for mass public indoctrination, is ‘fear’. To keep a nation in a permanent state of stress and fear provides the fuel which both the seen and unseen forces of evil need so as to maintain their powers of oppression over others.

‘Terrorism’ is the ace card of the political fear pack. The relentless perpetuation of the notion that basic civil liberties must be sacrificed in exchange for ‘protection’ from terrorism, opens the way for the full imposition of a police state. Although most can’t see it, we are right in the midst of such an imposition today.

Next comes the replacement of human thinking by technologies that ‘do your thinking for you’. This is a sure way to create sterile automatons out of red-blooded human beings. It enables the powers that be to take a controlling influence over all sentient people and dictate the outcome of every last detail, concerning the day to day functioning of human society.

Artificial intelligence (AI) and Transhumanist movements that promote it, see a computer programmed mind as superior to the natural mind. They see such technology as man’s ‘salvation’; claiming that by 2030 computer driven artificial thought creation will take over as ‘the new intelligence’. It is of note that governments throughout the world show little interest in countering this agenda.

Mass Surveillance

The Conservative party has been quick to capitalize on this usurping of human liberty by computer science, by welcoming the development of ‘smart technologies’ in all areas of domestic and military life. You understand of course, the ‘smartware’ does the thinking for you; you plug yourself into a programme, designed by the equivalent of laboratory technicians, who specialize in playing with and ‘inverting’ the human mind for ends that lead into an abyss of truly vast proportions. Such uses of cutting edge technology are highly symptomatic of the Satanic agenda: posses, control, enslave.

All this is relentlessly accompanied, under current and previous political regimes, by mass public surveillance programmes, largely conducted from GCHQ, that have already broken all the rules carefully put in place during previous decades, when individual civil liberties were held to be at the core of the democratic process.

Now no one today is free from being subjected to highly invasive monitoring by police forces, banks and corporations, building-up vast files of highly sensitive information on every aspect of citizens’ lives. I suggest that this has now exceeded the ‘Big Brother’ central control predicted by George Orwell in his seminal work ‘1984’. Smart technology is the latest silent weapon of war, one eagerly sought after by the super indoctrinated masses.

Moving away from technology for a moment, let’s examine another and more recent exercise in attacking the fundamental fabric of what constitutes a healthy society. This this time via an attempt to undermine the foundation of natural procreation and family life as we know it: the ‘gender bending/gender ending’* agenda, now being covertly pushed forward by the British government. This also goes under the monica ‘gender neutral’. What it is proposing is that sexuality somehow imposes a block on the freedom of individuals to decide for themselves what gender, if any, they are. The ultimate narcissism?

The Neutering of Humanity

In promoting this truly bizar notion amongst the young of both sexes, the aim appears to be to undermine their sense of who they are, at the most basic level possible. Not only undermine, but deliberately distort and abort, the very building blocks of life itself: sexuality and procreation. As exposed by The excellent UK Column*, hundreds of schools in the UK are already encouraging their pupils to explore this agenda and act according to their ‘feelings’. At Highgate School in London, for example, the board is currently looking at plans for pupils to have a ‘gender neutral’ uniform.

Many will no doubt just laugh; but this is no joke. One needs to use one’s full faculties of awareness to penetrate what’s going on here. The covert attempt to neuter the natural instincts and desires associated with reproduction/procreation, via a mass propaganda exercise designed to re-set the sexual agenda, is perhaps the ultimate tool in the Satanic tool box. It is designed to render humanity sterile and play a substantial role in the infamous ‘depopulation agenda’ so beloved of the secret society networks, such as the Bilderbergers. We need to understand this and act on our understanding. We must help save young people from a life of confusion, misery and control.

The psychology of slavery to a powerful central controlling body, has long since been a powerful opiate; one that gives the illusion of releasing the individual from having to take responsibility for his/her life. Passing instead that role over to the established authority of the day. It’s called Fascism.

Fascism is always tied-in with mass propaganda and mind control. It always involves the media being fully under the (editorial) control of the established authority, as it is today.

It uses the waging of war on foreign countries and engaging in endless military exploits, as the key diversionary tactic on keeping public focus on what appear to be ‘heroic exploits’ and the defeat, or relentless demonization (Russia), of what are held to be ruthless despotic regimes.

But in reality, it is, itself, the despotic regime it accuses others of being. It is the number one terrorist organization that heads the entire show, deliberately provoking those it chooses to attack into sporadic acts of desperate retaliation. A diabolic slight of hand which, unbelievably, continues to fool millions and millions who follow state and corporate controlled media with a completely uncritical mindset.

Fascism Laid Bare

The truth is always reversed in Fascism. Hitler reversed the design of the Swastika from its original, an ancient Eastern symbol of peace. It is done to satisfy the cold blooded ambition of what amounts to ultimately taking control over life on Earth, in all spheres. Satanic agenda: posses, control, enslave.

In the context of ever unfolding new angles on the same theme, let’s look at the introduction of the ‘driverless car’ as yet another example of the usurping of our human propensity to manage our destinies. The driverless car is something the Conservative party says it will go all out to make a mass reality by 2022.

A driverless car? What is this? Why would anybody have any interest in such a ludicrous notion. One of the few pleasures left to an increasingly constricted humanity is to be able to use four wheels an engine and some brakes to get from A to B, using one’s own judgment, skill and sense of purpose. But no, we are told that such abilities are largely redundant and not in the long term interests of society. One should abandon them in favor of letting a satellite drive your car for you; so you can sit in what was the drivers seat, playing with your smart phone and watching other satellite controlled cars glide past on their phantom like journeys. All of which you can already do on a train, of course.

But no, the government must be right, mustn’t it. After all, it knows best that if you can relieve the

public of their human faculties of judgment, skill and coordination, then you can exert ever greater control over them.

Is it not blindingly obvious what’s going on here? Is it not crystal clear that this is just one more deliberate deletion of sentient human beings God given capacity to control their destinies and to take a creative approach to the life which we are gifted from birth. Nobody, but nobody, has the right to steal that life from you and I, for their own ends or any ends. Satanic agenda: posses, control, enslave.


The science, state and corporate controlled think-tanks and laboratories, came-up decades ago, with the idea that the DNA of life could and should be genetically modified; so as to respond only to human command and by-pass nature. So we got GMO, genetically modified organisms, and growing food crops, whose genes have been laboratory engineered to accept heavy doses of carcinogenic pesticides, and not die.

Never mind that all other green matter in the field withers away to nothing, the only thing that matters to these psychopathic ‘scientists’ is that their patented crop remains standing and is consumed by man, animals, birds and insects, whose lives will then be observed to see what happens to their health and welfare. Not for nothing were GM products labeled Frankenstein Foods.

And true to form, the present government, as well as its predecessors, stand completely behind this chilling form of mass ecocide – and ultimately genocide. Readers surely don’t need any further prompting to see the truth. All the examples in this article (and they only represent the tip of the iceberg) have just one end: the total control of life on earth by less than human entities possessed by forces that can only be called ‘anti-life’.

Forces that stand at the opposite end of the spectrum from love, compassion, empathy and joy. Entities that do not feel or respond to these great gifts of life. Entities that will go to any and all lengths to achieve their ends; to possess and nullify that which is ultimately un-possessible; the innate creativity of universal consciousness, the supremacy of creation over desolation.

The Delusion of Omnipotence

But their tragic grand delusion is, that they believe they can. And never forget, these are the people who are running this country and most of the world. Their citadels are the City of London, Washington DC and the Vatican, all of which, uniquely, operate as separate countries with their own police force, tax laws (none) and corporate status. Even the Queen walks three paces behind the Mayor of London on her annual pilgrimage to the City, so as to pay obeisance to the ‘power of money’ in maintaining the authority of the pseudo-elite’s seemingly impregnable power pyramid, over which she presides. Satanic agenda: posses, control, enslave.

Rothschild, Soros, Rockefeller, the infamous big-chiefs of banking, are prime examples of those utterly possessed by such materialistic megalomania; covertly – and indeed overtly – calving up the world according to long fermented secret society blueprints of the perfect power pyramid.

Such global bankers and corporate CEO’s collude with government, the global trading blocks (European Union/NAFTA/Pacific Rim), the military industrial complex, the secret societies and the phony global institutions that set corporate approved ‘standards’ for trade, health, energy, food and so forth. They are all party to the same ‘anti-life’ agenda.

So are the social media giants Google, Facebook et al, who collude in the information gathering process which aims to get every living person on this planet on their record books. Satanic agenda: possess, control, enslave.

Yet perhaps the most hideous and insidious part of this whole death-cult, lies at the heart of its engine house: stealing the pure life-force of the child so as to feed the Saturnian anti-life energies that drive the entire horror show.

Stealing the Life Force of Children

Literally thousands of children have gone missing from UK orphanages and care homes every year, in the past decade and before. Where do these children go? Who ‘removes’ them? Why were they there in the first place?

Maybe Jimmy Savile could tell us, if he were still alive. But he doesn’t need to be, because we already know that he sexually abused hundreds, if not thousands, of children he chose to visit in care homes and orphanages during his star studied career with the BBC.

Was he alone in these vile escapades? Of course not; it is a highly inconvenient truth for government that we now know that an as yet unknown number of historical and present party members were/are in on the same act; performed secretly in various locations around the country.

This pedophilia ring is at the heart of Satanic practices that link-up with historically derived Masonic child and animal sacrificial rituals. And it is all done to gain the support of the god of reversed truth. A figure often depicted as Baphomet, the Sabbatic goat idol and occult symbol which

adorns many Masonic lodges around the planet. This figurehead however, is just one of the chosen deities of the fawning psychopaths whose lives are dictated by the forces of death and deception.

Heroes of the Resistance

Heroic figures, who have suffered under such regimes, yet dared to speak out about deliberate police and government attempts to hide the facts, have been put under appalling pressures not to reveal the full extent of the criminal behavior that is taking place. One such victim, Malanie Shaw, herself a victim of physical abuse, has suffered solitary confinement in a Northumberland prison for attempting to expose the truth about who stands behind these heinous crimes against humanity.

It is largely thanks to the work of the UK Column journal and internet news site – and its supporters – that Melanie has now been moved to a prison where she can, at least, mix with other inmates.

There are many others like her struggling to get the truth out. Melanie Shaw’s jailer in Prime Minister Theresa May. Melanie’s knowledge is dynamite. She was imprisoned under no recognized charge. If her full story should get out and be accompanied by thousands of other unabridged horror

stories still buried under the stinking carpets of a mass cover-up, this government would instatntly be brought to its knees and life in Britain would start the long slow process of recovery towards that which resembles a human society.

Those children who have led what is called ‘a normal life’ and have escaped being physically brutalized, have nevertheless been psychologically brutalized by being given open access (by parents and teachers alike) to mind numbing video war games designed to kill-off all subtle sensibilities before they ever get a chance to develop. In other words, to ready the child for a world of violence, greed and chaos.

No better are the sickly TV programmes pouring out their poisoned agenda and mind numbingly superficial ‘game shows’; including over-sexed or sexless pop icons performing their sinister ritualistic and emotionless routines, in front of thousands of adoring fans. Satanic agenda: possess, control, enslave.

I have not enjoyed writing all this, but I wish to play my part on behalf of truth and I very much want my readership to do the same. I have only taken you a small way into the rabbit warren of deception, corruption and outright lies that appear to be hallmark of ‘the new normal’ within political institutions during these extraordinary times.

Britain, of the fair and ancient British Isles, is a country bathed in great beauty of nature and populated by many, many thoughtful caring and generous people. Those demonic beings described in this article, represent a very small minority, likely less than 1%. But their quasi-hypnotic influence extends into all avenues of society.

We must save our country from them and bring her back to life. Indeed, citizens of every country must explore and expose the deeply ingrained ills at the heart of their nations . It is all our duties to put heart and soul into this unprecedented mission. No one who has reverence for life can stand aside and let this torment continue indefinitely into the future.

We are gifted with the courage necessary to face this, our darkest hour, with full confidence of victory. Use this courage now and never look back.

Julian Rose is an early pioneer of UK Organic farming, a writer, actor, social entrepreneur and international activist. During the 1970’s he worked in experimental theatre as actor and assistant director, co-founding the The Institute for Creative Development, in Belgium, teaching holistic thinking and dramatic art. In the 1980’s he returned to the UK to take over the family farm and convert it to an organic system. His experience helped him to a leadership role in reviving rural economies. During the 1990’s, he was invited to join the advisory board of the South East of England Development Agency, and the Country Land Owners Association. He also served on the Oxfordshire Economic Partnership and was founder-chairman of The Association of Rural Businesses in his home county of Oxfordshire. In 2,000 he led an innovative project to revive regionally important market towns as hubs of vibrant local activity and rejuvenated local food initiatives. Julian is currently President of the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside, spending much time in Poland fighting for the survival of peasant farmers as well as keeping GMO out of the Country.

Julian is a prolific writer and broadcaster, his articles appear in a wide diversity of journals and on-line sites. Visit www.julianrose.info to find out about Julian’s highly diverse life and acclaimed books ‘Changing Course for Life’ and ‘In Defence of Life’.



The Battle to Save the Small Farms of Poland

I am writing this in the Polish Parliament in Warsaw (The Seime). Jadwiga Lopata, founder of The International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside, myself (ICPPC President) and farmer colleagues from different regions of Poland, are in the parliament as part of a campaign we have been fighting for the past three years, to get the food laws changed. We are supported in this by a number of active consumers and, perhaps surprisingly, by the chairman of the Agricultural Committee, who belongs to the Kukiz 15 social movement which achieved 12% of the vote in the last election.

The current law in Poland discriminates heavily against the small and medium sized traditional family farmers by prohibiting the on-farm processing of their traditional high quality foods. Also banning the sale of such foods in shops and other local and regional outlets.

The only way farmers can be on the right side of the law, is if they register themselves as ‘a business’ and carry out their processing activities in a separate building designed to satisfy ‘hygiene and sanitary’ regulations of the European Union and national government. Regulations that have been designed by supermarkets and the food industry for supermarkets and the food industry. (more…)

Occupy Warsaw! Polish Farmers Create Clandestine City Camp

Something rather remarkable is happening in the middle of Poland’s capital, Warsaw, and it’s not exactly a capital city spectacle. In fact, rather the opposite.
Tucked-away under a line of trees, opposite the Prime Minister’s Palace in Central Warsaw, is a small ramshackle camp, comprising two tents, a Second World War wood fired mobile cooking apparatus, some chairs and benches, a pile of logs and a number of banners, posters and logos.
This is ‘Green City’ a symbolic and actual site of occupation by farmers fighting to save their livelihood and way of life. At the time of writing, it is in its 28th day of existence – and it isn’t planning on going anywhere, in spite of the fact that it is illegal and suffering under a daily fine imposed by the Polish government. A fine which is, in many ways, a small replication of what is happening on a much bigger scale to farming communities throughout the European Economic Community and beyond. (more…)

Sedation by Sound-Bite

Millions upon millions of educated – and even aware people, all over the world, are succumbing to a new virus ‘SBS’, or ‘Sound-Bite Syndrome’. Its symptoms are best described as an inability to concentrate on anything meaningful for anything other than a very short passage of time.
To concentrate the mind so as to read something that requires a certain depth of thought or fuller cognisance, is becoming an endangered skill.
Now that is a truly shocking fact. One that should register high on the shocking fact ratio. It should jolt us all into recalling the vital role that genuine communication plays in the passing of essential knowledge and inspiration – including lyrical poetry and vivid prose.
For these great tools of consciousness raising to be corrupted into a thousand broken pieces of easily assimilated sound-bites, must constitute one of the most masterful silent weapons of destruction of the Illuminati war chest. (more…)

The World Is Our Garden – Defend It or Lose It

When we walk into a carefully nurtured and diverse garden, we are struck by its beauty and its sense of completeness. We are enraptured by its scents and its mysteries. We are enlivened by its colours, both vivid and subtle, and we are nourished by the freshness that fills our lungs.

Altogether, the majority of sentient beings will surely concur, this garden is a most agreeable place to be – and should someone emerge who threatens to desecrate this sacred space – the reaction will be to jump to its defence and protect it against such a criminal action. (more…)

A Phoenix Rising

“There’s a battle outside and it’s ragin, it’ll soon shake your windows and rattle your walls, for the times they are a’ changin’”

The historical evidence points to the fact that, when faced by extreme adversity, many cultures of the world finally start proving their true worth. It simply seems to be the case that, for many, unless their backs are pressed hard against the wall, they can see no reason to involve themselves in any form of resistance.

Two things seem to be in transition on this front. Firstly, due to a rise in cosmic energy finding it’s way to our planet at this time, the opportunity for gaining higher awareness is greater than in the recent past. Secondly, the proliferation of global information and news (of very varied quality) is now everywhere at all times. Put these together and we have a receipt for change.

Now one might deduce that this means that the dark side’s energies are also enhanced – and that their powers of instant communication are equally increased. But this is where it gets interesting: the incoming higher frequency energies vibrate at a level which is only accessible to those whose own frequencies rise up to meet them. For those who simply maintain basic low levels of receptivity – the new vibratory spectrum will offer no tangible assistance. In fact the gap will increase between the two states of being.

A process of polarisation is being set in motion, making it more and more clear just ‘who is’ and ‘who is not’ on the road to an emancipation of consciousness.

For the dark side, these are perilous times. One can deduce that an increasingly intense search for third density sustenance will accompany this transitional process. The vampiric urge will be heightened. Expect further heinous crimes involving the blood-letting of those who are deemed ‘ripe’. Expect further outbursts of reactionary aggression. Of mindless irrational behaviour in both talk and physical actions. Expect outbursts of mind-blowing arrogance – as the need to puff-up in false pride becomes the most readily accessible form of delusional resistance to the advancing waves of truth.

However, simultaneous to the rising-up from the sea of this dark old monster, we ‘the receptive people’ increasingly embrace the vibratory chords rising-up in ourselves – and are therefore more fully empowered to stand face to face with this scaly old leviathan.

So are we opened-up to a consciousness that imparts greater boldness and courage in the face of adversity. That imparts bravery where once we shrank back in timidity. That forces us to dig deep into our divine selves and bring to the surface that gold which cannot be endured by opposing entities.

This gold is indeed precious, for it is the herald of a great reunion: the coming together of, let us call them – the Great Spirit and the Great Shaman: ‘cosmic receptivity’ – and – ‘earthly creative’. These two have been divided, conquered and wrenched apart by centuries of Illuminati dark scheming for absolute global dominance. During this time Cosmic Receptivity and the Earthly Creative have been forced into a deeply unhappy divorce – with billions on this planet going with them. Needless to say, the rejoining of these two inherently inseparable forces is greatly feared by the dark knights of the perverted soul.

Listen! We can now catch the first notes of a sweet musical refrain. A refrain that is, at this very moment rising up out of the mists of time – and heralding a truly momentous reunion – one to which we are all invited! Oh what a wedding – this reuniting of heaven and earth!

Preparations for the feast are already under way even as the bloody, toxic horror of war tries to hold centre stage to distract our straining minds. Even as the missiles are trained on their prey; as the war
cries grow in intensity. Even then – our unstoppable Phoenix is rising!

We are expanding our awareness of what is our role in this extraordinary transition – and it is – at least on one plain – paradoxical: for we are both creating the future and adjusting to a future that is in-creation. In realising the Godly within, we mould and sculpt a creative form for our daily lives. We go out to enhance the environment around us as a deepening expression of our burgeoning love of life. We sow our garden and reap it’s fruits. We take action and make our stand in defence of life.

On the other hand, we we remain constantly receptive to that which guides us in our actions; always listening for the subtle voice of cosmic inspiration, always awake to intuitive guidance. This is the dynamic of movement, change, human transformation that is taking place even as I write.

So now, as we gain new insights into our capacities to bring about a better world, the onus is upon us to use these capacities intelligently, creatively and passionately. This is the Phoenix rising – and by God do we need it! As the dark side press-on with their war games to grab the tantalizing prize of a long craved Middle Eastern bastion of power – so we increasingly discover that we are gaining the power to stop this deathly process – to stop all wars!

The energies rising in us are of Divine origin – so are we! Can anyone tell me what more is needed to take-down this obscene display of imperial power mongering? One that doesn’t care if it takes the entire world with it in its howling passion for destruction?

Many, many, sense a great turning. What is it?

I want to suggest an answer: it’s a ‘turning away’ from regarding such war spectacles as a ‘show’ to which we are simply passive spectators and commentators. That, we now realize, is no longer possible. It never was. We are involved. Whether we like it or not – there’s no escape.
So, upon accepting this truth, our next task is to bring all ‘worst case scenarios’ into our personal awareness so we can work out our individual and collective responses – testing each against the ‘fear’ factor. So, if we feel fear at the prospect of an apocalyptic showdown – we then need to find that element in ourselves which overcomes such fear – and bolster it. This is the real preparation for overcoming our reticence to act when act we must.

The act of ‘saying no to war’ whether by letter, demonstration, physical blockade or public awareness raising – constitutes a powerful means of overcoming the isolationist feeling that is the breeding ground for fear. Right now is definitely the time to make our feelings heard.

Then, as I have underlined already, there is this vast untapped resource in us all which can, overnight, change even the worst scenario into a march to absolute victory! This is how this universe was created – and we are it’s component parts. Therefore, collectively, we can bring about the demise of all these warmongering sycopaths at a stroke – for their power is nothing in comparison to ours – once we are motivated.

So let us urge ourselves on to reverse the barren future the war maniacs are planning for us.
Start today! There is no time to loose.

We came to this planet to win it back. To take it under our wings. To nurture it back into health. To confront and confound its enemies. Not one of us has the right to ignore that particular role we are each destined to play in securing an illumined future for our earthly home.

“Your old road is rapidly agin’. Please get out of the new one if you can’t lend your hand – for the times they are a-changin’ ”


Julian is an early pioneer of UK organic farming, a writer and international activist. He is President of The International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside and author of “Changing Course for Life – Local Solutions to Global Problems. His forthcoming book “In Defence of Life – Essays on the Radical Reworking of Green Wisdom” will be published later this year.

The book “Changing Course for Life – Local Solutions to Global Problems” is to buy on http://www.changingcourseforlife.info/buy-the-book/

Quit the Matrix – Build the Ark – In Three Steps

Once one has got a reasonable handle on ‘what’s wrong’ the next step involves putting into place something ‘that feels right’.

Not so easy. But essential of course – and in many respects a natural process of follow-through without which, knowing ‘what’s wrong’ gradually fades away. Until there are three sharp knocks on the front door – and then its too late.

The way we progress our conscious awareness is by bringing together, or becoming in some way part of, a group of individuals who wish to share together the experience of putting into place a manner of daily existence which fulfils our creative aspirations and practical needs. Both. If we can’t do that we can’t be fully human. And not being fully human means never realizing who we really are. (more…)

Manifesto for 21st Century Food and Farming

“Farming for the People with the People”

The global food economy, served and shaped via state and corporate control of the food chain, has resulted in unquantifiable levels of pollution, destruction and exploitation in every dimension of agriculture, from soil to seed, to plant, to animal and to man. In other words: our existence.

As we approach the second decade of the 21st century, it is becoming abundantly clear that an entirely new vision, understanding and implementation is required in order for agriculture to truly serve its original purpose of feeding humanity (all peoples) with good quality, affordable and mostly local foods in ways that do not harm the environment. (more…)

International Resistance to the the Modification and Control of Life

Resistance comes in three shades: passive, occasionally active and active.
The corporate and political powers who aim to take a controlling influence over the food chain count on the majority of civil resistance being of a passive ‘dumbed down’ nature. They can tolerate a certain amount of ‘occasionally active’ interference in their master plan, but they do not tolerate genuinely active resistance. So those of us who hammer continuously on genetically modified corporate doors are monitored, harassed and generally marginalised by the prevailing ‘status quo’ and its media poodles.We should have little doubt that the prevailing corporate backed government agenda is financed by the big agribusiness and pharmaceutical corporations, who turn-in annual combined profits in double figure billions and who do, indeed, aim to wrest total control over the human food chain. “Control oil and you control the State. Control food and you control the people” said Richard Nixon’s ex secretary of state Henry Kissinger. (more…)