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Campaign for a GMO Free Poland/Europe

This is an ongoing camapign to ensure that the extraordinarily rich biodiversity of the Polish counytryside is not irredeemably contaminated by GM plants and seeds. The camapign also calls for A MORATORIUM/BAN of all GM plants, seeds and foods in Europe. To this end we are in close cooperation with French, German, Austrian, Swedish and Turkish activists.
It is a significant part of the work we do at the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside (www.icppc.pl)

Taking Contol of Our Lives

Is a forum of lectures/debates encouraging individuals to ‘take control’ rather than ‘be controlled’. So far eight workshops have taken place at the ICPPC Eco-Centre in Stryszow, Poland. Under discussion are issues such as:  establishing an eco-village; practicing the ‘new resistance’; renewable energy and clay-straw houses; understanding corporate globalisation; ‘building community’; the battle for a GMO Free World; ‘the New Education’. (more…)

The Hardwick Workhorse Training Centre

Now that we know how damaging the oil based addiction is, it is time to move forward to ‘light footprint’ ecologically sensitive resolutions. Anyone who has had a horse put his or her hoof down on one’s foot will know instantly that this is indeed a ‘light footprint’! Plans are underway to start a training course on the organically managed Hardwick Estate for those wishing to learn the art of managing a heavy horse. We will be using these horses to shift logs and tree trunks in the Hardwick woodlands. Interested parties should write to the author (see contact)

Integrated Ecological Land Management

Is essentially what has been going on at Hardwick since 1975, when I (Julian) first started converting my farm to organic methods of agriculture. Now there are a number of self autonomous components to this: mixed organic farming, organic vegetable production and sustainable forestry. How can they interact for more integrated shared benefits? We explore this on an ongoing basis – and have already experimented with running pigs in the woods as well as holding educational events that explore the interrelationship between these different disciplines.


FARM is a UK based organisation that seeks to close the gap between good traditional and organic farms that produce ‘real food’ and those who wish to purchase this food in its optimum condition (see ‘links’). This means ‘locally’. FARM also works at the political level in pressing for recognition of mixed family farming traditions and the value they bring to rural communities. It is intent on unifying all those who feel unrepresented by the big UK ‘National Farmers Union’. Currently FARM is drawing up a plan entitled ‘Transition Farms’ to tie-in with the burgeoning ‘Transition Town’ movement. The author is a participant.

Faringdon Hub Proposal

March 2000, updated May 2001


Designate a “rural development hub” in the County which would act as a model for integrated sustainable development at the local level and catalyst for rural development.

Set in motion solutions for a number of key concerns as outlined in the 1999 Oxfordshire Farming Study. (more…)