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Genetically Modified Bread Given Green Light by Vatican

In what will surely to be considered a highly controversial statement, Vatican cardinal Robert Sarah, has stated that Catholic priests can use genetically modified bread during the Eucharist – but not ‘gluten-free’ bread. So, have I got it right..gluten-free is only for heathens..and GMO for true Catholics?

In an article in the Guardian online* Sarah is quoted as saying that guidance was needed now that Eucharist bread is can be found in supermarkets and even over the internet.
Sarah had earlier reminded bishops that the bread should be made by people “distinguished by their integrity.” He also stated “It is altogether forbidden to use wine of doubtful authenticity or provenance.” (more…)

Farmers Land Stolen for GM Food Production

Greetings demonstrating farmers!

I am an English farmer and Polish patriot. I want you to know: your actions are being supported by a growing number of farmers in other Countries as the news of this Polish Resistance spreads around the World.

I am proud to be able to support your efforts to secure your land and prevent multinational corporations and government stealing it away from you and from future generations. (more…)

US Invasion of Poland?

Three Good Reasons to Say “Enough!”

The days of the Polish love affair with America may soon be coming to an end. The hegemonic ambitions of US geopolitics are causing Washington to actively seek new avenues to exploit, both militarily and through corporate buy-outs of national assets in Eastern Europe. In Poland’s case, a high percentage of those national assets have already been sold off to pay debts incurred by reliance on huge loans packaged by the International Monetary Fund. (more…)

The Imposition of Illegal State Control

‘Guns drawn and warrants issued against volunteers and supporters of life saving healthy foods’?

Is this an example of the sort of ‘democracy’ that the US wishes to defend and promote throughout the world via the establishment of its 600-plus military bases in more than 60 Countries?

It’s truly shocking to read about the hysterical federal and police intimidation actions taken against ‘Rawsome’ in Los Angeles this June. An action that bluntly flaunts the law in order to impose the will of some corporate pirate determined to maintain a stranglehold on the food chain. This is a prime example of totalitarian state interference in the lives and activities of well meaning citizens. (more…)

Campaign for a GMO Free Poland/Europe

This is an ongoing camapign to ensure that the extraordinarily rich biodiversity of the Polish counytryside is not irredeemably contaminated by GM plants and seeds. The camapign also calls for A MORATORIUM/BAN of all GM plants, seeds and foods in Europe. To this end we are in close cooperation with French, German, Austrian, Swedish and Turkish activists.
It is a significant part of the work we do at the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside (www.icppc.pl)

International Resistance to the the Modification and Control of Life

Resistance comes in three shades: passive, occasionally active and active.
The corporate and political powers who aim to take a controlling influence over the food chain count on the majority of civil resistance being of a passive ‘dumbed down’ nature. They can tolerate a certain amount of ‘occasionally active’ interference in their master plan, but they do not tolerate genuinely active resistance. So those of us who hammer continuously on genetically modified corporate doors are monitored, harassed and generally marginalised by the prevailing ‘status quo’ and its media poodles.We should have little doubt that the prevailing corporate backed government agenda is financed by the big agribusiness and pharmaceutical corporations, who turn-in annual combined profits in double figure billions and who do, indeed, aim to wrest total control over the human food chain. “Control oil and you control the State. Control food and you control the people” said Richard Nixon’s ex secretary of state Henry Kissinger. (more…)