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The Non Compliant Challenge – Where Are We?

As the ugly realities of the control system become ever more apparent so does the dialogue increase about what can be done about it. ‘Non compliance’ features prominently as an important tool for counteracting the slide into slavish conformation with the powers that be.

In general, as I see it, there are two main strands of choice available to those who wake-up and feel impelled to take a stand: the outward focussed activist approach and the one that favours withdrawal from the system and ceasing to comply with the status quo: ‘non compliance’. Practising both at once is a pretty tall order, but not impossible.

In affect, they are two sides of the same coin. Both are valid ‘actions’ to counteract the abysmal slide into slavery.However the activist approach usually demands having one foot in the status quo in order to be affective in ‘working from the inside’ and/or going out to make a stand in defiance of the rape of the planet. Whereas the non compliance approach makes its stand through refusing to comply with demands of the status quo control system in everyday life. (more…)

Quit the Matrix – Build the Ark – In Three Steps

Once one has got a reasonable handle on ‘what’s wrong’ the next step involves putting into place something ‘that feels right’.

Not so easy. But essential of course – and in many respects a natural process of follow-through without which, knowing ‘what’s wrong’ gradually fades away. Until there are three sharp knocks on the front door – and then its too late.

The way we progress our conscious awareness is by bringing together, or becoming in some way part of, a group of individuals who wish to share together the experience of putting into place a manner of daily existence which fulfils our creative aspirations and practical needs. Both. If we can’t do that we can’t be fully human. And not being fully human means never realizing who we really are. (more…)

Farmers Land Stolen for GM Food Production

Greetings demonstrating farmers!

I am an English farmer and Polish patriot. I want you to know: your actions are being supported by a growing number of farmers in other Countries as the news of this Polish Resistance spreads around the World.

I am proud to be able to support your efforts to secure your land and prevent multinational corporations and government stealing it away from you and from future generations. (more…)

The Super Market

Supermarkets present a very seductive picture to the consumer, but just under the surface it is a different story.

Research carried out in the UK some 15 years ago revealed that the average distance travelled by the food in a typical supermarket trolley is more than 3,000 kilometers. Most”fresh” produce is at least 4 days old and has passed through a number of processing and storage plants, involving subjection to very different temperature fluctuations, before getting onto the shelves. In the process, there is a loss of between 40 and 50% of the nutritional value of these foods. (more…)

The Imposition of Illegal State Control

‘Guns drawn and warrants issued against volunteers and supporters of life saving healthy foods’?

Is this an example of the sort of ‘democracy’ that the US wishes to defend and promote throughout the world via the establishment of its 600-plus military bases in more than 60 Countries?

It’s truly shocking to read about the hysterical federal and police intimidation actions taken against ‘Rawsome’ in Los Angeles this June. An action that bluntly flaunts the law in order to impose the will of some corporate pirate determined to maintain a stranglehold on the food chain. This is a prime example of totalitarian state interference in the lives and activities of well meaning citizens. (more…)

Organic farming has sold out and lost its way

Julian Rose

This article is taken from www.theecologist.org

The dreams of the early organic pioneers have been subsumed into a rush for global supply chains, strict regulations and fast-selling brands

Back in 1975, when I first started converting my farm to organic agriculture, there were no standards for production and no rule book. Just a few people committed to weaning their land off agrichemicals, improving soil fertility and supporting good animal health through regular crop rotations and through the sensible applications of farm yard manure. It was about taking a caring attitude to the overall welfare of our farms and trying to engender a wide bio-diversity of species within the farmland habitat. (more…)

Going Back to Our Roots

Julian Rose

This article is taken from Resurgence magasine May/June 2010

The green movement needs to revisit its fundamental principles; including (and especially) ‘Small is beautiful’, writes Julian Rose.

In the rush of excitement over both government and corporate moves to back green solutions for tackling climate change, many of the lessons so clearly spelled out by our founding fathers, including Leopold Kohr and E. F. Schumacher, have been all-too-hastily abandoned by those who should have known better. (more…)

Let’s stand up for raw milk rights

Congratulations to Michael Schmidt – the Ontario farmer who’s due in a Newmarket court today for the verdict on charges he violated the provincial Milk Act by selling unpasteurized milk – for standing up to the anti-raw-milk lobbyists. I am very aware of what he and his supporters are up against, having founded the Association for Unpasteurised Milk Producers and Consumers in the United Kingdom back in 1989 to prevent the British government’s proposed ban of unpasteurized milk – and again in 1997. We won our battle on both occasions, maybe because of the “and Consumers” factor and much press support.

I ran a doorstep delivery service of our own Guernsey organic raw milk and cream, and this inspired me to write a leaflet with a tear-off strip briefly proclaiming the positive case for raw milk. The purchasers then signed the statement and sent the slip back to AUMPC. This was reproduced amongst 150 raw milk producers and their customers. We collected 15,000 signatures and delivered them personally to the Minister of Agriculture. (more…)

Reviewed by Louise Tait for New Renaissance

This book is for all those who recognise a degree of discontent at the current world in which we live. A world which, through our daily lives and actions many of us continue to unwittingly propagate. It is for those awakening to the realisation that things cannot continue as they are and a change is required.

In Changing Course for Life, Julian Rose spells out the truth of our current socio-economic context in a blatant and transparent acknowledgement of the ills of our society. It is easy to hide behind our ignorance of the finer and less savoury details of corporate greed, of modern industrialised agriculture, of the wide ranging effects of our unmitigated obsession with technological advancement. He explores just how and when our economies and societies departed from the objective of servicing our needs for a happy and harmonious state of existence with the natural world, to the point at which we now find ourselves: disconnected. A condition Rose aptly summarises as a state of being ‘subjugated to a sense of impotence by our own inventions’. (more…)

Finding the Answers

“Changing Course for Life – Local Solutions to Global Problems” Julian Rose


“It is said that a civilisation that is loosing its seeds and destroying its soil is a dying civilisation: and we are. Today, over eighty percent of mankind’s diet is provided by the seeds of less than a dozen plant species – and most of these are ‘owned’ by just two or three transnational corporations. Ninety eight percent of vegetable varieties have disappeared from the diet of the western world over the past hundred years. Unless this catastrophic loss of biodiversity is reversed, our gene pool – upon which all life depends – will run dry within the span of this century.” (more…)