Sir Julian Rose: ALERT! The situation in Poland is critical

Sir Julian Rose and In Defence of Life

Did the CIA crush the Polish Solidarity movement? Who is in the cabal that controls global finances? Julian Day Rose, British author and activist, briefs us about the Polish Farmer’s Revolution against American and European Union banksters hard sell of Genetically Modified Organisms into their country .

Sir Julian Rose calls for removal of depolulationists in his new book “In Defence of Life”

In this video Julian Rose highlights the threat genetic engineering presents to our DNA and how it is a tool of depopulation. He reads from his new book “In Defence of Life” exposing the fact that ‘all of life’ is under attack from a power crazed corporate elite and calls for the removal of the depolulationists.

Plant Consciousness

Sir Julian Rose is the author of ‘In Defense Of Life’. He also became the “caretaker” of the Hardwick Estate in 1966. He began converting the land to organic farming methods in the mid 1970s. He has also ensured that the woodlands are sustainably managed…

Julian Speaks on Organic Farming and Green Wisdom

The New Resistance

A film by Nick Brazil. The New Resistance – a lecture by Julian Rose in which he explores the ‘state we’re in’ and whether a change towards a more active ‘resistance’ to the current imposition of a top down elite control system, can be manifest by the more aware members of our society – Hardwick Lecture Series, 29th September 2012